2016 – the year to remember…

By Katie Baldwin, 20th January 2017

It feels like yesterday that I was sat here, writing my roundup of 2015, but my oh my another year has passed, and that actually blows my mind. 

2016 for me was a year for change. First of all, it was the start of a journey for me, in having straight teeth. Ever since I lost my very first baby tooth, I knew that my teeth were going to be crooked. For a start, the adult tooth didn’t grow, and then when it did, my mouth got crowded and messed the whole shape of my mouth up (or so it seems anyway). I only lost my final baby tooth this year (age 15), and by this point I was very self-conscious of my teeth. 

One tooth, my left upper canine, never grew through my gum, it was actually lodged behind my upper front two teeth, but had not erupted from the surface of my gum. My other teeth were all very crowded, to the point where they were painful to brush, and to eat on. In November of this year, a week before my 16th birthday, I went to hospital and faced my worst fear – being put to sleep, and having no control of it. I had a total of 5 teeth removed from my mouth, and around 15 stitches holding my gums together whilst they healed. It was the most traumatic experience I have ever had, and I won’t forget it in a heartbeat, but I am so proud of myself for how I dealt with the situation at hand. I surprisingly didn’t freak out all that much!

So that set me back around 2 weeks of school, which wasn’t great. I was still recovering on my 16th birthday, so I couldn’t celebrate fully, like all my friends have, but I had the best few days that I could! 

In December of this year, just a little over a month after my operation, I got my braces. I can imagine that most teenagers are dis-heartened when they think they have to have braces, but I couldn’t have been happier. Braces are something that I have wanted all my life, and it is one huge step for me. I am going to be writing a post on my brace story in the future, so be sure to stick around for that. 

There have been so really cherish-able memories made this year, that I will hopefully remember forever, but there have also been some moments that I really wish I could go back and change. There have been friendships lost, but there have also been friendships gained, and I am oh so ready for the next year of my life with the amazing people in my life. 

There have also been some really challenging times in my life this year, that I don’t wish to expand on in this post, but I may do in the future. 

It has been a truly amazing, and yet sad years in respects, but it has been one that I will always remember. Thank you to everyone who’s been in my 2016, and I hope 2017 is anywhere near as good. 

Thank you for reading, I hope you have enjoyed this post, although it is mainly for me to look back on for my year. 


Posts return weekly from now on and will be uploaded on Friday at 20:00 (8pm)!

For now, goodbye 2016, hello 2017

K x


(I’m writing this on New Years Eve – but it is going up 20/01/16 at 8pm)

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