Welcome To My Blog ♡ 

11th December 2015

Welcome to Beauty Blogically♡ I’m Katie! As well as beauty, I blog about things that I love and enjoy. I find that blogging is really beneficial for me, I can express feeling and emotions on the Internet, tucked away for only a few people to read. I think that nobody is ever going to read […]


22nd November 2016

Another Admin post, I’m sorry.  I haven’t uploaded on here in a while, for personal reasons I am sure I will write about soon.  I am going to re-launch my blog early next year, meaning that I am afraid to say I won’t be doing blogmas.  I am thinking of changing up the style a […]

Busy Busy Busy

21st October 2016

It’s a very busy time!  The blog posts will commence soon, but there will be no regular pattern as it’s GCSE year 2 and I have a “lot on my plate” as it were!   Hope you understand, Katie xXxXx


The Woman in Black Book Review…

30th September 2016

Hello everybody, As part of a piece of homework I had to do for school, I had to read The Woman in Black by Susan Hill. I absolutely loved reading this book, so I thought I would do a review here for you guys. First of all, this book was not the easiest of reads […]


Holiday Day 5…

23rd September 2016

Friday 12th August was the last day of the holiday. We packed up our cases and put them into the car and then once again, and for the final time, went downstairs for breakfast. I miss that breakfast a lot because it was so nice.  We had another beautiful day at the beach and on […]


Holiday Day 4…

22nd September 2016

Thursday 11th August was a day spent shopping and exploring the beautiful town of Blackpool! Instead of writing a lot in this post, I am just going to leave you some photos of shopping!  We went and explored lots of the different makeup counters, buying bits here and there and jut generally have a mooch […]


Holiday Day 3…

20th September 2016

Wednesday 10th August was Holiday Day 3 and another amazing day of our family holiday. It entailed another beach walk and a lovely trip to Madame Tussauds Blackpool.  The morning started off with another amazing hotel breakfast, followed by a trip to the games room in the hotel. We then went out for another lovely […]


Holiday Day 2…

18th September 2016

Tuesday 9th August was Holiday Day 2 and after an amazing nights sleep, we woke up in the hotel room and got ready for going down for breakfast. It was about 8am when we went down for breakfast, and I had a lovely plate of bacon, sausages, hash browns and beans. One thing I have […]


Holiday Day 1…

16th September 2016

For our Summer trip this year, my family and I travelled to Blackpool. I absolutely love seaside towns as I find the sea very relaxing and love the picturesque views. Although the Blackpool tower was closed due to high winds, we had an amazing time. I’ve decided to do a little series, of the 5 […]


July, August and September Hair Update…

14th September 2016

So it’s been 3 months since the last update (they will be monthly from now on) and so I’ve decided to make this hair update post to show you my hair length and some hairstyles I’ve been loving recently!  JULY: I have to admit that I don’t have a photo of my hair length for […]


Summer Favourites…

11th September 2016

Hello everybody, So it’s been a while since I did a favourites post on this blog, so I thought it was about time that I did another one. My first favourite from this Summer is the Benefit Gimme Brow! I got this from a magazine and I absolutely fell in love with it. Unlike other […]


Back To School Essentials…

9th September 2016

Welcome back! I hope you all had a lovely, relaxed Summer and are ready for the coming year! I’m just going to jump straight back into things with a new post! The dreaded time has come, it’s time to go back to school and to make this time just a little bit easier, we need […]

June Highstreet Makeup…

14th July 2016

Hello everybody, I’ve decided to do a different style of post, other than the wishlist posts that I usually do every month. Instead, I have decided to do a post, where I explain, or show to you, some makeup that I have seen on the internet, that I think would be nice. So, yes, a […]

Post Updates…

11th July 2016

Hello everybody, This school year has definitely been hectic, and juggling blog posts and homework, and my now-non-existent social life. I’m not quitting blogging, don’t you worry! Instead, I have decided to not blog over the summer holidays. If you’re not in school, this will be from next week (Thursday will be the last post) […]


7th July 2016

Hello everybody, So today I have decided to write a post about friendships. For me, I can count my true friends, and I mean the truest of true friends on a couple of fingers. The amount of friends you have doesn’t define who you are. As long as your friends build you up rather than […]

June Favourites…

4th July 2016

Hello everybody, So it’s now July, this is freaking crazy, I have like 18 days left until the Summer Holidays!!  Anyway, as June has ended, it is time for a June Favourites post.  First of all, I have been trying to read a lot more recently, and so I decided to read Girl On The […]

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