Welcome To My Blog ♡ 

11th December 2015

Welcome to Beauty Blogically♡ I’m Katie! As well as beauty, I blog about things that I love and enjoy. I find that blogging is really beneficial for me, I can express feeling and emotions on the Internet, tucked away for only a few people to read. I think that nobody is ever going to read […]

June Highstreet Makeup…

14th July 2016

Hello everybody, I’ve decided to do a different style of post, other than the wishlist posts that I usually do every month. Instead, I have decided to do a post, where I explain, or show to you, some makeup that I have seen on the internet, that I think would be nice. So, yes, a […]

Post Updates…

11th July 2016

Hello everybody, This school year has definitely been hectic, and juggling blog posts and homework, and my now-non-existent social life. I’m not quitting blogging, don’t you worry! Instead, I have decided to not blog over the summer holidays. If you’re not in school, this will be from next week (Thursday will be the last post) […]


7th July 2016

Hello everybody, So today I have decided to write a post about friendships. For me, I can count my true friends, and I mean the truest of true friends on a couple of fingers. The amount of friends you have doesn’t define who you are. As long as your friends build you up rather than […]

June Favourites…

4th July 2016

Hello everybody, So it’s now July, this is freaking crazy, I have like 18 days left until the Summer Holidays!!  Anyway, as June has ended, it is time for a June Favourites post.  First of all, I have been trying to read a lot more recently, and so I decided to read Girl On The […]


Summer Bronze Goddess Eyeshadow Look…

30th June 2016

Hello everybody,  I am really sorry I didn’t manage to post last week, I had a super busy week, and just took some time off. However I am back, and am hopefully going to be back writing posts as often as possible.  Today, I am going to share with you one of my most beloved […]

Holy Grail Skincare…

16th June 2016

Hello everybody, So as you know, I absolutely love my skincare; I’m all about keeping my skin looking fresh and clear of spots or redness. I do suffer with redness, but I think that this is mainly due to the fact that I suffer with eczema. Although I don’t suffer with eczema on my face, […]


Dairy Free Cake Photos

13th June 2016

When i did my last dairy free cake post, I forgot to photograph the cake, so today I thought i would just show you some photos of the cake when I make it, and what it looks like!   This cake is the nicest cake I have ever eaten or made. It rises so well […]

Hair update 1/12…

9th June 2016

Hello everybody, So it’s the 9th June, which means it is time for challenge update number 1 of 12. In last month’s post I shared with you the photos of my hair length before I had it cut short, so this month I am going to show you pictures of my current hair length, and […]

June Wishlist…

6th June 2016

Hello everybody, So a few months ago now I did a post containing a wishlist (things I have seen in the past month that I would like). It went down well with a lot of you guys so I thought I would do another one. There may be cross-over from the last one, but I […]


May Favourites

2nd June 2016

Hello everybody, So May is over, and it is now June which is crazy, like it’s the 6th month of this year. That is mad. It seems crazy that I have take 3 GCSEs this year and very soon will be getting the results. Anyway, I feel like I have lots of favourites to go through […]

New pages…

30th May 2016

Hello everybody,  So I know I’ve posted twice today already but i just thought i would let you know that there is a new contact form on the blog! If you scroll to the bottom of the site, there is a little subsection called pages. If you click on contact form, you are able to […]


Perfume Haul

30th May 2016

Although, I have titled this post Perfume Haul, I did buy a few different things so I am going to go through those first, and then I will go through the perfumes I bought. First of all, we went to Outfit, and I decided to buy two necklaces. I feel like I have a lack […]

Favourite Eye Products

30th May 2016

My favourite thing about makeup is the eyes. I feel like you can do so many things with the eyes, and you can completely change them with just a few products. I have multiple staple products that I love to use, and that I want to share with you. First up, and it will come […]

Contour Kit Review

23rd May 2016

I have never been a person who does contouring, mainly because I never knew how to, and the fact that I didn’t have anything to contour with. However, the beauty of YouTube is that I have been able to learn how to do contouring, and what would work for my face, and bought myself a […]

Setting Myself a Challenge…

19th May 2016

Hello everybody, In previous blog posts, I touched upon the matter of me not liking my hair. I am one of those people who gets really easily bored of their hair, and goes on a spur of the moment hairdressers trip and has it all cut short. I don’t think I’ve ever properly grown my hair […]

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